Revolutionizing the Lift Industry: A Custom Website Makeover for American Custom Lifts

Lift Manufacturer and Dealer Web Design

Transforming the digital face of an industry-leading lift manufacturer, MilVet Media reimagined American Custom Lifts’ website to enhance user experience, improve search engine optimization, and initiate a successful email marketing campaign. This intricate journey of redesign involved custom features, strategic planning, and meticulous execution, ultimately creating a user-centric, search-optimized platform for sustained digital success.

The Challenge and Triumph of Crafting a Unique Online Presence

In the bustling online business world, standing out from the crowd requires quality products and services and an engaging, user-friendly online platform. MilVet Media was entrusted with redefining American Custom Lifts’ online presence to match their updated brand and improve site usability and SEO.

The Need for Website Redesign and Enhanced User Experience

American Custom Lifts, a leading car and freight lift manufacturer and dealer, grappled with an underperforming website. Their existing site needed a refresh to improve mobile usability, searchability of products, and search engine optimization. The goal was to revitalize the online face of AC Lifts and start an email marketing campaign to collect potential customer data.

Lift Manufacturer and Dealer Web Design

Crafting a User-Friendly, SEO-Optimized Website

MilVet Media designed a custom solution for AC Lifts, tailoring their website to the brand’s needs, including:

  • Dedicated landing pages for major product categories
  • A WooCommerce product database and Algolia-powered product search tool
  • Revamped blog with interlinked and rewritten posts
  • Improved SEO through URL structure optimization and fixing broken links
  • A chat box and multiple call-to-actions to drive customer engagement and mailing list subscriptions
  • An exit pop-up offer with an autoresponder campaign to boost lead capture

Transforming Website Performance

The custom website revamp drove significant improvements in website performance. Combining a WooCommerce product database, improved URL structure, and an Algolia-powered search tool dramatically enhanced product searchability. This enabled AC Lifts to offer a seamless user experience and boosted the average session duration time by over 22% while reducing the bounce rate by 8% from November 2022 – April 2023.

Revitalizing SEO and User Engagement

Fixing broken links, interlinking and rewriting blog posts, and optimizing keywords contributed to regaining and adding rankings. As a result, AC Lifts regained its leading position in search engine results for profitable keywords across parking, freight, and equipment lift verticals. The chat box and strategically placed call-to-actions increased customer goal completion rates by 21% from November 2022 – April 2023.

Custom Web Icons: Enhancing Product Visibility

One of the standout features of the project was the development of 30 custom icons for each product category. These custom icons:

  • Enhanced the overall design of the website
  • Improved product searchability
  • Made it easy for users to identify the type of product they were looking for
Custom Web Icons

A Website Makeover: Delivering Beyond Expectations

The journey to redesign American Custom Lifts’ website was marked by strategic planning, custom feature implementation, and meticulous execution. The new website aligns perfectly with its modern branding while ensuring its products stand out.

The Outcome: A Success Story

The project’s success is underscored by a 50% increase in page speed scores, increased customer engagement, thousands of email list subscribers, and improved SEO. Thanks to the combined efforts of the MilVet Media team, AC Lifts is now ready to dominate the lift industry with a user-centric, search-optimized, and aesthetically pleasing online platform. Our comprehensive redesign strategy has revitalized AC Lifts’ online presence in just a few months, ensuring a sustainable pathway for its continued growth and digital success.

Manufacturer and Dealer Website

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