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Vino Vacation: Take the Quiz

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What’s Your Dream Vacation?

We were commissioned to write some articles for American Express Essentials magazine, among them, this super fun QUIZ.

Answer these nine questions that cover everything from your view first thing in the morning and what’s in your suitcase to what’s on the menu, and even what goes wrong.

Take the Quiz!

Appellation Vacation

You might also recall last summer’s entry to the Wine Spectator Video contest, an original song about two New Yorkers stuck in the city and wishing they could travel to the Canary Islands. Eerily prescient these days during the Coronavirus lockdown laws.

Wine Can Take You There (Almost).

We believe that wine is transportive. The multi-sensory experience of wine tasting can be very powerful. Terroir – the concept that some wines exude particular characteristics of the soil and climate where they were produced-is one of the greatest joys of wine tasting.

Watch a video about Terroir.


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